Arcade 0x796 and Platformer

‘space’ to fire, ‘f’ to flip The background used in the platformer was from opengameart, same with character animations, though I did edit them quite a bit…

Office Escape

A top down adventure! If you get stuck, here are some cheats! First, hit “m” and “t” simultaneously to enable cheats. ┬áTo enable/ disable invincibility, hit “i” after enabling the cheats. If you would like to jump to the next level, hit “p” after enabling the cheats. Remember to have fun, and enjoy the haiku […]

Farmin’ Marvin

Game: Twine: COMING SOON

Cliff Fight

Don’t mind the awful audio…

DDR: Polaroid -Single-

Must use Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer to play!

Blocky’s Chest Conundrum


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