teaching machines

Time Runner – rogersta

For some reason mouse clicks register but not keyboard presses unless full screened first. Unity Web Player Version:



Zombie Runner – mellomj

Platformer – Jump

Commanders Keep (Griffits)



You have trained your whole life, knowing you had a purpose, but unsure of what it may be.

Madeup Snippet: Puzzle Piece


quick coconut platformer

NA Mercy Bounty Drawings

I have always been interested in 2D fighting games. This drawing is based off the character Ryu from street fighter. Puzzle Game

The Thief – WEIRC

http://xiaotang923.itch.io/the-thief?secret=G0iVgzsfXrnI589pmeOPQdHiDdQ If you play now, let me know if you find any bugs/problems, so I can fix it before our demo time! 11/18/2015

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