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Madeup Snippets: Ball Wireframe, 3D symbol, and Hourglass

Madeup Snippet: Path Walker

Three simple functions to help build some intricate objects. Can you build the path above by only using loops?

Madeup Snippets: Build your own Circle Wedge and Clock

Build your own circle wedge in Madeup using this simple algorithm. By adjusting the given parameters you can tweak the total number of sides the circle will have, the number of sides you want to construct, and the radius (size) of the circle. Next up, code for building your own clock in Madeup! Simply pass […]

DDR: Polaroid -Single-

Must use Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer to play!

Madeup Snippet: Puzzle Piece


Alex T – Walk Cycle

Punished Snake – A fallen legend Resource: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110619130451/metalgear/images/6/61/MG1_Big_Boss.PNG

Madeup Snippets: Spirals, Roots, and Words

Generate your own spirals, roots, or sentences with these simple Madeup snippets. Enjoy!

Illusions are “Madeup”

Life can be tricky. Sometimes we only see what others want us to see. For example, take a look at the object below:   Try picking any step along this staircase and begin climbing. Did you run into any problems along the way? Hopefully you found that you arrived right back where you started. So where’s the discontinuity? […]

Game Prospectus by Nick, Nathan, and Alex

During lab we spent out time brainstorming a few ideas for what direction we’d like to take our game. We decided almost immediately that we’d like to focus on making some type of multiplayer game. The first idea that was suggested was to make a two-player tower climb game where players would cooperatively work with each other […]

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