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The Thief – WEIRC

http://xiaotang923.itch.io/the-thief?secret=G0iVgzsfXrnI589pmeOPQdHiDdQ If you play now, let me know if you find any bugs/problems, so I can fix it before our demo time! 11/18/2015

Pacman – WEIRC

<iframe src=”//itch.io/embed/41505″ width=”552″ height=”167″ frameborder=”0″></iframe> I tried for more than half an hour, I simply could not get the widget to display, when I tried to edit in the Text mode, the iframe code is just gona when I click Update. I gave up, below is a link: http://xiaotang923.itch.io/pacman?secret=ZTDkRcy9SbIBK9YNs6w1JhMP6kg Arrow keys to move

Audiophile Wei

WEIRC – Sceen

I first almost gave up on this assignment, as I saw that the instruction was soooo short and I have no idea how to do any of the requirements. Luckily, I found out that the environment lab has already incorporated more than half of the things needed for this assignment, so I tried to add […]

WEIRC – I Madeup A Church!!

At first, I thought about making a butterfly, then after searching on google for a minute, I quickly gave up. Then the colorful Windows 7 logo of the monitor background inspired me, I said to myself, I’m going to make a windows logo! Since the logo is essentially curved rectangles, I started making my own […]

Weirc – Magnets

I was not feeling confident before I started this assignment, because I know very little about the framework, and how the projection, theta, shift, scale parameters work with the matrix… Nothing was clear at that point, but now I’m grateful of this assignment, because it forced me to learn how those pieces intertwined and worked […]

Weirc – Gaussian pox

The hardest part for me is to figure out what a bump is in terms of data structure, which only needed a few minutes for Chris to explain to me. Then I just followed the instruction, and finished the program. At this point, it outputs very weird images, I didn’t know why, later with Chris’s […]

A Wooden table, no chairs though!