teaching machines

Office Escape

A top down adventure! If you get stuck, here are some cheats! First, hit “m” and “t” simultaneously to enable cheats. ┬áTo enable/ disable invincibility, hit “i” after enabling the cheats. If you would like to jump to the next level, hit “p” after enabling the cheats. Remember to have fun, and enjoy the haiku […]

Cheerios (Peggle)

Each blue bumper is worth 50 points, the others are 10. 30 points for each life you have left at the end of each level. Enjoy!

Tile Shuffle

    Click the tile adjacent to the blank tile to move it to that square. Complete the picture!

Robe Hype

  For those of you who don’t know (which is most of you), I work best when wearing my robe, especially when it comes to computer science. It is for this reason that I have chosen a bodiless robe as my avatar, as robes have lead me to many great (or mediocre) conclusions. Also, apologies […]