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Honors 104.502 Lecture 1 – Hello, Code


  • what ?s
  • about
    • me
    • you
    • this class
  • design this
  • programming in Madeup


Before next class:

  1. Install Unity3D.
  2. Read the introduction through chapter 2 in your book.
  3. Write down 2-3 observations from your reading on a 1/4 sheet of paper. These are open-ended and needn’t be lengthy. I will assign these 1/4 sheets frequently, as they help me see what’s going on in your head. Be prepared to turn them in at the start of Wednesday’s class.


Welcome to Honors 104.502: Digital Game Development! Today we start with some introductions. I wonder these things about you:

  1. Your name?
  2. Where is home?
  3. Why this colloquium?
  4. Why is your major what it is?

Next we’ll dive right into some of the themes of this course. In this class we will be making games, so let’s design one:

You have some hidden information—a word, a number, a phrase, etc. You want me to figure out what it is. Come up with some ways to make this activity fun for me. Why are these ways fun? First, think on your own.

Later on we will write some programs together. Making games is a lot more than programming, but programming is a big deal and will be a major component of this class. That said, I intentionally outlawed computer science majors from taking this course. I don’t expect any prior knowledge. Even if you don’t go on to make games the rest of your life, this class should empower you to do things with technology.

Our introduction to programming will happen with Madeup, a programming languageĀ I’ve been working to build 3D models using code.



n = 3
nsteps = 10

moveto 0, 0, 0

repeat n
  move nsteps
  yaw 360 // n



The world in my head
It’s too big to ship to yours
Except in levels


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