I challenged myself to make a tulip in Twoville, and here’s my response:


I was challenged to make a raindrop in Twoville, and here’s my response: The exercise helped me fix an issue with mirror. Previously if the middle vertex was not on the mirror axis, I automatically inserted a straight line segment to bridge the gap between the mirrored segments. That produced more of a Hershey’s Kiss […]

CS 268: Project 2 Rubric

Your project 2 submission will be graded using the rubric below. Your site will be evaluated on five dimensions. For each dimension, I list a sample of the questions that I will use to structure my evaluation. User Experience Does the app have a coherent purpose? When network requests are being made, does the user […]

Seven Digit Study

My son and I are on our way to school. It’s just the two of us. These drives should be a great opportunity for some genuine father-son talk, but it rarely happens. My mind is usually anxious about the day ahead, the traffic around us, and the hazards of winter. Even when we do talk, […]

Direct Tweaking in Twoville

A student and I working on tools for composing SVG files. The scenes are programmatically generated, but the geometric properties can be tweaked via direct manipulation. In other words, the user can drag on the shapes to modify both the scene and the source code. Consider the following program, which plots a rectangle. Select the […]

Kawaii Donut

During this time of staying at home, my family has not been able to get out and satisfy our sweet teeth as much as we would like. We have also been faithfully participating in graphic novelist Jarrett Krosoczka’s Draw Everyday with JJK on YouTube. JJK frequently profiles the work of his illustrator friends, and in […]

Dates as Fractions

Today is 4/28. As a fraction, today is $\frac{4}{28} = \frac{1}{7} \approx 0.143$. But how close is that to the proportion of the year that has passed? We are on day 119 of a year with 366 days, and $\frac{119}{366} \approx 0.325$. That’s a difference of approximately 0.182. That’s not very close. Perhaps there are […]

Infield Form Labels

I’ve done enough web development now and taught enough web development courses that I am starting to develop opinions. Or maybe I’ve had opinions since the start, but now I feel qualified enough to air them publicly. Today’s opinion is on labels for form elements. Let’s all agree that we need them. But where do […]

CS 268: Lecture 19 – Today Client

Dear students: We have arrived at the last big idea of the semester: managing global state. To deal with complex and shared data in our React apps, we will push the data into an object managed by Redux. With this new manage of managing the data, we’ll have to find new ways of changing state […]

CS 268: Lecture 18 – Today Service

Dear students: We look at the mechanics of web services last time. Today we build up a non-toy web service for a time capsule application. Behind our web service will be a MySQL database, and our service will endpoints for the four common CRUD operations for operating on our database’s records: creating, rreading, updating, and […]

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