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Honors 104.502 Lecture 6: Co-o-no


  • what ?s
  • a trivia game
  • arrays
  • bundling things together in classes
  • adding buttons


  • Watch game designer Jonathan Blow speak on prototyping and meaningful work. If you have time, watch this longer talk. If you have less time, watch this shorter talk. (I’m one of those in the second group, and I watched both at accelerated speed.)
  • Now, let’s make a little prototype. Cut out a bunch of 1 inch by 1 inch squares of paper. Design a game that uses these pieces of paper in some way. (You can mark them anyway you please. They can be incorporated into the gameplay any way you please.) On a 1/4 sheet, write down the basic mechanics of your game. Plan to playtest your game with a neighbor on Monday. Maybe you can use this to plan your puzzle game?


One of the many things that’s clumsier to do go in games than in real life is communicate. Let’s fix that just a bit today by adding some communication between us (the designers) and the players through a user interface. It won’t go farther than some buttons and a marquee. The context for our user interface will be a game I call Co-o-no, where the player is presented two pictures of actors and must decide whether they are co-actors in the same movie or not. This probably falls in the casual game genre.




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