Echoes of Mages Past


  1. spencekm5658 says:

    Amazing game! The hands and fireball floating in front of the screen are incredible, and the terrain is fascinating.

  2. howarddj says:

    Matt!!!! Best game in here. I don’t really have anything you can improve on because I loved it so much. Maybe a wizard kill counter so I can keep track?

  3. petza says:

    Really awesome but HARD! Maybe some sort of crosshair or something would be helpful.

  4. tjadenad says:

    Incredible! Great fire and smoke effects! The smoke did make it a little hard to see the NPCs sometimes, but maybe that was intended. The charging fireball kind of reminds me of Samus. I like the music – very intense. I found out you can destroy the wizards’ fireballs with your own which is convenient from time to time. Very fun and appropriately challenging.

    Maybe have something to pick up to make you faster or take less damage? On the second level I could jump right up the cliffs; not sure if that was intended.

    1. matt says:

      Thanks for the feedback! I did not even try jumping up the terrain, I’ll have to try to fix that. The purpose of that level is to see the Mage’s fire power source growing and you won’t be able to if you finish right away! :) Originally, I was going to have different spells that you could pick up and cast but none of them were nearly as fun as the fireball so I just stuck with only that :) Moving faster would’ve been great. Also a shield or something. Good ideas.

  5. harrisna says:

    It was very fun to play through! One thing bugged me a little though: the opening text was a bit long, being able to skip through would be nice.

    The effects were well done, and the fireball mechanic was interesting.

  6. havronjm8222 says:

    Wow! The graphics look great, the level design is interesting and the music is fitting. I wonder how you did the delayed text introduction.

    As for improvements: an option to click through the intro text would be nice.

    1. matt says:

      For the delayed text introduction, I made a component that has an array of strings you can set in the inspector, then there was a simple coroutine that cycled through them.

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