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Jumpy Wall Jumpy Arrow Game

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  1. zutterlp says:

    ​Between the music, wall jumping, arrows and obsticle courses, it’s crystal clear that there’s some polish in this game, Nicely done!
    Only problem is, there’s a REALLY easy way to beat the second level that’s probably not intended, so I skipped the majority of that level’s content.

  2. spencekm5658 says:

    Very cool game! It was a little difficult at first to get a hang of the jumping off walls, but overall very fun.

  3. petza says:

    Really cool wall-jumping. Pretty fun.

  4. harrisna says:

    The arrows were a really cool concept, though the game was a bit hard for me.

  5. larsomat says:

    This game was amazing!!! The level design was genius the whole way through. The puzzles were interesting to figure out, and executing some of them was very challenging, but the wall jumping and item use controls were so precise that I always knew what I did wrong, so I kept trying. After about a thousand times spawning to face that wall on level 3, it was incredibly satisfying to finally see that it had opened up!!! My biggest complaint at first was the sprinting seemed a little hard to control, but I think it was just how you couldn’t hold shift while standing still to start moving while sprinting.

  6. albrignj says:

    I really enjoyed playing this game. I am curious how you handled the wall jumping mechanic. It took a while to figure out the wall jumping control, or lack there of. There are some short-cuts on each level that are not always obvious. They were fun to find and practice speed running your game. I like how each level element makes you think of new ways to use the wall jumping mechanic. Because I skipped most of the second level the first time I played, the last level seemed impossible to me.

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