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Potions And Pitfalls

March 5, 2016 by . Filed under gallery, gamedev3, spring 2016.

My game is in this link to itch.io. My source repository (though I’m not sure it actually qualifies, since I couldn’t get my entire project uploaded) is in this GitHub repository.

I didn’t do as much as I would have liked to, but I made sure I met the minimum requirements (three textured models, three levels to navigate, etc.). I especially spent drastically more time than I expected (a maximum total of 10 hours) trying to upload my files as specified, but I eventually found a way.

The game can be found below, but trying to fit it in twodee.org doesn’t look good, so I recommend using the itch.io link instead.

Update: I just enabled comments on the itch.io page, so you may comment there if you wish.



  1. ream says:

    I like the idea, though, invisible walls are nice (I was able to jump over the second key wall)

    Seems like a good base for a really interesting game!

  2. spencekm5658 says:

    I like the idea of allowing the player to restart with ‘r’ if needed. The potions looked pretty good too.

  3. petza says:

    I enjoyed the little platforming at the end, it was quite fun.

  4. tjadenad says:

    The platform jumping was fun, especially that leap of faith at the end. I didn’t notice any effects of the potions. I could jump over the key wall; I’m not really sure how to prevent that.

  5. yangjosh says:

    Not sure what the potions did, but the game was fun overall.

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