CS 491 Meeting 2 – Sketches

Dear students,

Most of today will be spent by you giving sketches of your game ideas. Here are some questions to keep in mind as we discuss:

  • How will it be fun?
  • What will be learned?
  • How can the challenges of the game be introduced in chunks?

Here’s your TODO list:

  • Your Create Task is to create a prototype of some interaction within your game that we can play in pairs next class session. The prototype should use little technology. Paper is a great medium. The intent of the prototype is to help you think about gameplay without getting caught up in implementation details.
  • Your Read Task is to check out The Elusive Power of Video Games for Education, a white paper by Celia Hodent, UX director at Epic Games, makers of the Unreal series.
  • Your Watch Task is to watch Extra Credits’ spin on the role of games in 21st century education:

Jot down some reactions or observations from your reading and watching on a 1/4-sheet of paper to be turned in next time we meet.



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