CS 491 Meeting 3 – Prototypes

Dear students,

Today is Paper Prototype Day. There are 8 of you, and we will operate like this:

repeat 4
  randomly pick a partner
  partner A shares game for 5 minutes, including discussion
  partner B shares game for 5 minutes, including discussion

To help us stay on schedule, here’s a little timer!

Here’s your TODO list:

  • Your Create Task is to start implementing your game. Your game is a work in progress, and you are not bound to any statement you’ve made earlier about what it will look like. Adapt your design based on the feedback you have received from our prototype test. Do not be overly concerned with game art. Start with simple squares and circles.
  • Your Read Task is to check out an excerpt from Theory of Fun for Game Design, a book by Raph Koster, designer of Ultimate Online and Stars Wars Galaxies.
  • Your Watch Task is to watch Extra Credits’ solution to the fear of failure that dominates studenthood:

Jot down some reactions or observations from your reading and watching on a 1/4-sheet of paper to be turned in next time we meet.



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