CS 352 Lecture 38 – Superion Technology

Dear students,

Today we welcome Eau Claire’s very own Superion Technology to our class. They will be offering us a view of computer architecture in industry and through the lens of FPGAs.

Here’s your TODO list to complete before next time:

  • There is no next time.
  • I will hand out final exams. Please complete these on your own. Do not consult or share with others. You may read the Internet, but not write to it. Notes and books are fair game. Slide your completed exam under my door (Phillips 134) before Thursday. I will not accept electronic submissions, and I will not be in my office Thursday except to pick up exams early in the morning, after which I will retire to my grading cave. You must submit these in a timely manner.

See you next class!


P.S. It’s Haiku Wednesday!

What’s under the hood?
Eighty years worth of ideas
That’s why Notes explode


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