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CS 396: Meeting 4 – Interviewing

Dear students,

With the Career Breakfast and Fair behind us, we enter this nebulous period of waiting for a callback. If we get one, we’ll be in the position of talking at length about ourselves and the company we are courting. This kind of conversation is unfamiliar and universally awkward. We call it the interview. Today Alyssa from Career Services will lead us in a discussion about how to pull off interviews with confidence.

Here’s your TODO list for next time:

  • Our theme for next week is graduate school. School is not a good word to describe graduate school. To help you get a feel for what goes on in it, and to help flesh flesh out what it means to research, please read the following articles:
  • Discuss these articles in your small group Slack channel. Consider answering these questions:
    • What have you heard about graduate school? What draws you toward attending or not attending?
    • What ideas from the readings are most interesting, disturbing, confirming, or life-changing?
    • Are there points you disagree with? Initiate a respectful debate.
    • What experiences from your life align or do not align with the articles?
    Please make at least two separate posts sharing your own coherent thoughts. Additionally, respond to at least three of your channelmates posts. Complete these before next Tuesday at noon.
  • Two extra credit Blugolds are available to anyone who presents at the Chippewa Valley Code Camp on November 11. Talks can be on anything related to technology.

See you next class!


P.S. It’s time for a haiku!

I climbed a mountain
The view wasn’t breathtaking
‘Cuz I had none left


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