CS 396: Meeting 7 – Epic

Dear students,

Today we welcome Zach Forster from Epic. Before that, Zach paid the bills by grading CS 163 homeworks. I pleaded and pleaded with Zach to attend graduate school. We went to the University of Minnesota once to attend a graduate school open house. I failed to enlist him. He said that he wanted to work. And here he is, working for the premiere provider of medical information software.

Next week, Ashley Nelson from General Mills will be our guest.

Here’s your TODO list for next time:

  • Our theme for next week is the retention and transience in the workplace. Please read the following articles:
  • Discuss these articles and any related articles that you want to bring into the discussion in your small group Slack channel. Consider answering these questions:
    • What ideas from the readings are most interesting, disturbing, confirming, or life-changing?
    • Are there points you disagree with? Initiate a respectful debate.
    • What experiences from your life align or do not align with the articles?
    Please make at least two separate posts sharing your own coherent thoughts. Additionally, respond to at least three of your channelmates posts. Complete these before next Tuesday at noon.

See you next class!



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