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CS 396: Meeting 10 – Cisco

November 14, 2017 by . Filed under cs396, fall 2017, lectures.

Dear students,

Today we welcome Jonathan Gardner from Cisco as our guest. Jonathan and I were fellow graduate students down in Knoxville, Tennessee. Graduate school is a pretty sweet place, because everybody that’s there wants to be there. Not only did we have computer science interests binding us together, but we were also on the same team: us vs. the undergraduates in the classes that we TA’d. There was also frisbee and hacky sack. And just plain old lunch. That little community taught me a lot and made me laugh a lot. Jonathan even gave me an invitation to his wedding, even though he’d gotten married before I ever met him. The invitation was a yo-yo with a picture of him and his wife Sara. I still have it.

But we too parted ways. Jonathan graduated and got a job, and I moved back home. Yet thanks to the internet, he’s here to tell us how things have been going at that job. This talk will be conducted entirely over Google Hangouts. It may fail miserably—let’s find out!

Next week, Mike Citak from Thomson Reuters will be our guest. Unlike many of our guests, Mike is by design a non-salaried employee. He will share with us what that means and why he prefers it.

Here’s your TODO list for next time:

See you next class!



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