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CS 396: Meeting 14 – Applied Data Consultants

December 12, 2017 by . Filed under cs396, fall 2017, lectures.

Dear students,

Today we welcome Marc Harter of Applied Data Consultants as our guest. When I first moved to this town, one of my students told me about this guy named Marc that he worked with. This Marc apparently had an amazing knowledge of web technologies, and most of it was self-taught. A little later I got an email from Marc asking if he could audit some classes so he could learn more. I—given my insatiable desire to see what other people have in their fridges—suggested that we instead get together regularly at his house. I’d share what I knew about C++ and Haskell, and he would help me learn guitar. We met a few times, but it turned out that I just couldn’t keep up with his fervor for learning.

So, we have with us this afternoon a professional learner. But he’s also a published author, a musician, a father of three, and a husband of one. Marc, thanks for stopping in to see us.

Also, this is our last meeting. We will have no final exam in this class.

Enjoy your break!


P.S. It’s time for a haiku!

What’s nice about school:
You have time to learn the stuff
Once the homework’s in