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CS 491: Workday 1

Dear students:

Today is our first workday. You and your team will spend the time hashing out ideas, discussing one anothers’ strengths and interests, and coming up with a plan.

In particular, these are some things to do during class today:

  • Inform your instructor of your studio’s name and employees. He will make a private Slack channel for just your team.
  • Research the word mechanic in the context of game design.
  • Dream up interesting mechanics and characters that you think you could build a game around. Remember that cooperation is a required element of your games.
  • Investigate what hardware components might support your dreams.
  • Read the project milestones document on the overall course page.
  • Discuss with your team what you will work on outside of class and have ready before our next workday. As an individual, post your TODO list on Slack in your team’s private channel.

Here’s your TODO list for next time:

  • Complete the TODO you and your team assigned yourself.
  • Read or watch some tutorials on pixel art. Make something and post it on Slack #general before the next class period.

See you next time!



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