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CS 148 Lab 6 – Logical Expressions

October 9, 2019 by . Filed under cs1, cs148, fall 2019, labs.

Welcome to lab 6!

If you have checkpoints from the last lab to show your instructor or TA, do so immediately. No credit will be given if you have not already completed the work, nor will credit be given after the first 10 minutes of this lab.

In this lab, we’ll explore the logical operators &&, ||, and !, which help us ask more complicated questions of our data.

Checkpoint 1

Person A types.

Play through generation 3 of Trux Falsy, completing each litter with at least two stars—but aim for three. This game doesn’t work well in Internet Explorer. Please use a modern browser.

Checkpoint 2

Person B types.

Head to Coding Bat and log in. Complete the follow exercises:

If you feel like you could use extra practice with the concepts we discuss in this class, keep working away at the problems on Coding Bat and Practice-It! Don’t wait for them to be assigned.