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CS 268: Lecture 13 – JavaScript Objects

April 2, 2020 by . Filed under lectures, spring-2020, webdev.

Dear students:

There’s a pandemic going on right now, and it has turned the world upside down. We are no longer able to meet in person. But we’ll try to finish out this semester through the web. How apt.

Our format for the rest of this constrained is constrained by a few things. First, we are not all in the same time zone. Second, even if we were in the same time zone, some of you don’t have control over your schedule. You may be caring for family, sharing the internet with others with less flexible schedules, or nursing orphaned lambs on the family farm. Third, not all of us have great internet connections in our bunkers. I am one of those people. Cable doesn’t reach our house, nor DSL. We don’t own a television, so a satellite doesn’t seem worth it. Our only real option is our mobile data plan, but our connection speeds do not really support streaming video. For all of these reasons, synchronous virtual lectures are simply not an option.

Instead I will be sharing pre-recorded videos that you can watch at your convenience. These will be available on YouTube—and perhaps elsewhere. I’ve chosen YouTube because it does a reasonably good job at generating transcriptions of my words, and it allows you to increase the playback speed. However, some of you are in a country where YouTube is blocked. If you are unable to access YouTube, please let me know. I will find an alternative way to share these videos with you.

So, without further ado, here’s your TODO list our first virtual lecture, in which we formally investigate objects in JavaScript:

When the semester officially resumes next week, I’ll shared a revised grading scale. Project 1 will be due April 12.

See you next time.