CS 268: Lecture 14 – Fetch

Dear students:

Last time we examined objects and how to pass them around using JSON. This time, we apply these ideas by consuming a web service: News API. We’ll use JavaScript’s builtin fetch function to grab and send JSON data.

We started looking at this before spring breeeaaak happened, but I’ve re-implemented the example we started for the sake of completeness.

Here’s your TODO list:

  • Watch this video, in which we get a list of sources from News API.
  • Watch this video, in which we retrieve headlines for the chosen source.
  • As an optional knowledge boost, investigate these ideas further by reading. Consult The Modern JavaScript Tutorial’s sections on promises and fetch.
  • You are encouraged to post a reply in the lecture 14 thread with one of the following:
    • A question regarding promises, fetch, or web services. This might be a question you really don’t know the answer to or one that you do know the answer to and are putting forward as a challenge to your peers.
    • An answer to a previously posted question or challenge.
    Your participation in this thread is not graded. I include it so that we can maintain some real human interaction.

See you next time.



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