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CS 347: Lecture 1 – wwwroot

August 24, 2020 by . Filed under fall-2020, lectures, webdev.

Dear students:

Welcome to CS 347: Web Development. This is going to be a weird semester. I’m new to the university. We will be conducting the class remotely. There’s a lot of tension in the world. The good news is that—well, I don’t know what the good news is. But welcome nonetheless.

I don’t think live video chat scales well, and therefore I will not be holding live synchronous lectures. Instead, I will pre-record around 30 minutes of videos dealing with the ideas and technologies of this course. We will still meet synchronously over Zoom during your scheduled section, but we will treat those times as interactive lab times in which you work on exercises. Please read more about the structure of the course in the syllabus.

For each lecture, I will post the videos, readings, and other activities that you should complete before your scheduled lab time.

Here’s your very first TODO list:

See you next time.