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CS 347: Lab 2 – HTML

September 1, 2020 by . Filed under fall-2020, labs, webdev.

Welcome to the first CS 347 lab. By now you have already watched the videos for lecture 2 on your own. Now we will apply the ideas from those videos in a handful of exercises, which you will complete in small groups.

Within your breakout room, designate one of your team to be the screen sharer. (Screen sharer, share your screen.) The screen sharer should also claim your group’s task on Crowdsource. Make sure to enter every group member’s JMU eID so that they receive credit. Your group will be assigned a task number. Complete the associated task below. The screen sharer should be careful not to dominate. All members should contribute ideas.

When you are done, the screen sharer submits your group’s solution on Crowdsource. If you finish early, you are free to work on other tasks—but please don’t submit them.

Task 1

Write an HTML page that shows a list of album covers for a band of your choosing. To ease sharing, use links to external images. Include captions and header, footer, and main sections.

Task 2

Write an HTML page that shows a table of some data of your choosing. Include header, footer, and main sections.

Task 3

Write an HTML page that shows a form for gathering input for some purpose of your choosing. (Dream up a business or organization, and design a coherent form that they’d use.) Do not worry about the presentation.

Reference Solutions

The tasks are more open-ended today, so no reference solutions will be posted.