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CS 347: Lecture 19 – Today App: Client, Part I

November 3, 2020 by . Filed under fall-2020, lectures, webdev.

Dear students:

React takes over management of the DOM, allowing us to focus on managing the state of our app. As the data behind our app and our component hierarchy become more complex, even state management becomes challenging. To deal with this complexty, we will push the data into an object managed by Redux. With Redux, we’ll have to find new ways of connecting to our state.

We will examine Redux through the lens of client for our Today app. Our work on this client app is broken into two lectures. The separation is mostly based on time, not thematic chunking. This first lecture introduces Redux, the global store, actions, and thunks. In the next lecture, we’ll use Redux to update the state as we create, update, and delete memories.

Here’s your TODO list:

See you next time.