CS 347: Lab 22 – MP3 Player, Part II

Welcome to lab. This lab is a continuation of the previous lab.

Team, complete the assigned task below. Host, be careful not to dominate. All members should contribute ideas.


Your task is to write a music library explorer called MyTunes—which could sometime be fleshed out to be a full-fledged web-based MP3 player. You will create views for a list of artists, a list of a single’s artists albums or discography, and a list of an album’s tracks. The music data will be provided by an RESTful API that I provide.

This lab is broken into two parts. In the first part, we focused on the web service and Redux. In this second part, we add multiple pages using React Router.


Follow these steps to switch between multiple pages in your single-page application.


Host, when your group is done or when time is up, submit just your group’s actions.js on Crowdsource.


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