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CS 347: Lab 26 – T-Minus Zero

December 9, 2021 by . Filed under fall-2021, labs, webdev.

Dear students:

Welcome to lab. Your task today is to work on project 3. This task is mostly open-ended, but these things must be done to receive today’s lab credit:

The project must be live by the end of the day. You will receive an invitation for peer reviews early on Friday and will have until Sunday to complete them. It is paramount that you complete these in a timely manner. You have through Monday, December 13, to address any issues that your peers identify. On Tuesday, I will start grading projects.

During the final exam period, you will present your project to the class in a lightning talk. Credit for your talk will be based on the following:

The final exam period is on Thursday, December 16, from 8-10 AM. I will see about bringing in some Strites donuts. As far as I’m aware, these are the only real donuts in this town.


The next step of your learning is to complete the following tasks:

See you next time.