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CS 240: Lecture 43 – Applications Lab, Part 2

December 10, 2021 by . Filed under cs3, fall-2021, lectures.

Dear students:

Today we will devote our entire time together to a comprehensive lab on data structures. The lab is a set of problem descriptions. You must pick one or more data structures as you implement a solution for each problem.

Correctness is important, but so is speed. You should seek out as fast a solution as possible, which will get you thinking about how these data structures behave. I will be maintaining a leaderboard of the fastest solutions on the screen. When you first successfully complete an exercise, report it to me, even if the time is slower than what’s on the leaderboard.

This lab will be conducted over two days. There is nothing to turn in. You do not need to finish, but you will receive graded credit for being in attendance and actively working on the exercises.

See you next time.