CS 330 Lecture 1 – Introduction, DFAs


  • build a language-recognizing machine
  • DFAs:
    1. set of states (one starting, one or more accepting)
    2. input alphabet
    3. transition function, mapping state and current symbol to next state
  • course information
  • you?
    1. name?
    2. what if not computers?
    3. write a short language biography
  • build more language-recognizing machines:
    1. one- or two-digit month numbers
    2. articles of the English language (a, an, the)
    3. even binary numbers
    4. strings of 0s and 1s and an even number of each


  • Activate Piazza account. Announce partnership and team name or solicit teammate in a post.
  • Play some Adventure or Zork or Leather Goddesses of Phobos.


I say DFA
and then you say, “What Da FA?”
that’s how we learn stuff


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