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Sphero – Joe Simon and David Moss

December 11, 2012 by . Filed under cs491 mobile, fall 2012.


For our final project we would like to create a golfing app with sphero. To control the sphero, you would swing your phone like a golf club and sphero would move based on how fast you swung your phone. You would be able to aim the ball by specifying a direction on the phone. The first screen the user would see is one that allows them to create the course they are playing by specifying the number of strokes per hole. The next screen would be where the user would swing the phone. It would have a picture of a golf club and use the Sphero calibration screen to aim. The final screen would show a scorecard for the round.

Risks and Hurdles

  1. We haven’t used the accelerometer before so that will take some time to research.
  2. We are also unfamiliar with the Sphero SDK.
  3. Finding time to work on the project.

Division of Labor

Joe will be working on GUI portion and David will be working on the accelerometer part of the app. The accelerometer must be done first because the GUI just responds to the ball moving.


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