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Sphero Post Mortem – Joe Simon and David Moss

For our final project we created a golf game where the user creates a course and then swings their phone like a golf club to move Sphero to complete the course. At the end the users score is tallied and displayed.   To get the Sphero to move we use the the accelerometer in your […]

Sphero – Joe Simon and David Moss

Overview For our final project we would like to create a golfing app with sphero. To control the sphero, you would swing your phone like a golf club and sphero would move based on how fast you swung your phone. You would be able to aim the ball by specifying a direction on the phone. […]

Persist – Joe Simon

For this assignment I decided to create a Christmas shopping app which allows you to keep track of all the people you need to buy gifts for. This app allows you to insert, update, and delete people who needs gifts and the gifts that are associated with them.  One thing I learned while creating this […]

U and I – Joe Simon

For my U and I project i decided to make a tip calculator app. The widgets I used are text views, spinners, a rating bar, an edit text, and buttons. To get started you select the amount of people you want to split the bill with, then select the percentage for the tip, and then […]

TODO – Joe Simon

1. A GitHub app that lets you browse through all of the repositories on the site. It would also allow you to save repos to be viewed later. 2. An SSH terminal app that allows to connect and issue commands to your server. It would have the same look and feel of terminals that you […]

Web APIs – Joe Simon

For my web api assignment I decided to make an app that allows you to search for GitHub repositories using their developer API. This screen allows you to enter a keyword to search for. .    This screen displays the results in a ListView. The GitHub developer API is going through some changes right now […]