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Web APIs – Joe Simon

For my web api assignment I decided to make an app that allows you to search for GitHub repositories using their developer API.

This screen allows you to enter a keyword to search for.


This screen displays the results in a ListView. The GitHub developer API is going through some changes right now so there is no way to limit how many results will be returned. This could be a problem if you are on a slow network.


After you select a repository to view, this screen will pop up and give more details about it. The button on the bottom opens up the browser and allows you to visit the actual repo on GitHub.


The only problem I ran into was getting everything aligned correctly on the details screen. I was able to do it by nesting vertical linear layouts inside of a horizontal linear layout and adjusting the margins of each text view manually. I’m sure there is a better way to do this as this seems like a pretty common way to display data.




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