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Persist – Joe Simon

For this assignment I decided to create a Christmas shopping app which allows you to keep track of all the people you need to buy gifts for. This app allows you to insert, update, and delete people who needs gifts and the gifts that are associated with them.  One thing I learned while creating this app is how to use the weight attribute to make layouts fill out the screen. I also learned how to  create tabs for navigation, but towards the end of this assignment I found out that the way I used to make them is now deprecated and I was too far along to go back and redo everything. One problem I had with tabs is that the onCreate method for each tab activity was not always called so data that was saved on another tab would not always show up on another tab. I was able to get around this for the most part, but it still would occasionally happen. Here are some screenshots from my app


This screen shot shows all the people you’ve entered and the number of gifts for each person











This screen shows how to add gifts











This screen shows a detailed view of a person











Here is a detailed view of each gift


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