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This sucker was one problem after another. First my database wouldn’t compile. Then I couldn’t insert anything into it once it compiled. Then I couldn’t view anything once I inserted it. Then I…you get the point.

Finally after much Google’ing I found an amazing tutorial wherein the author offered up all of his code for me to pour through to find what I needed. I completely restructured my project so that I used the same paradigms as he did. The cool thing was that as I was meticulously combing his code, I learned a lot about why mine didn’t work before, and how his was working now. So…yay Google! I learned something!

After all that work redoing my project, one friggin thing stymied me: Cursor. (See Above Image)

So, startManagingCursor(); is deprecated in 4.1, which is what I was building this in.

In order to use a CursorLoader (which is Honeycomb+) I would have had to restructure my code AGAIN.

Nope. Not gonna do it.

So I ended up doing a jerkish thing, but hey, code’s due: I had to limit what you could run my code on to an OS where I could use startManagingCursor();.

Yep, I’m a jerk like that. But dammit, the sucker works now, and I’ve toiled every day for my entire vacation on this thing. I’m going to bed now!!

Annnnnnd pictures are coming later today :)





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