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Sphero Final Project – Travis Boettcher, Andy Hurd, Luke Mehring

December 11, 2012 by . Filed under cs491 mobile.


Our final project will allow users to control the Orbotix Sphero using pre-defined paths.  The application will also allow users to create their own paths which the Sphero will follow.  A final goal of the application would allow the user to string together paths and have the Sphero to follow the final composite path.


The main difficulty will come from taking the path and sending it to the Sphero in a way the Sphero understands.  If we have time, we would also like to create another layout to be used for tablets, since the greater screen space would allow us to make more elaborate paths.

Division of Labor

One task to be completed is to create the user interface.  This will require a user interface that allows the user to select paths to send to the Sphero and one to create paths.  Andy has started this task, and I will assist.

Another task is to take a path and transform it into something the Sphero understands.  After we have created that, we should be able to send commands to the Sphero and have it move!  Luke is working on this task, and I will help him out when needed.


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