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Accessing thing-[012] from home

Intro This short post will help you access the things and dplsubmit from home.  For now it will focus on the Windows environment, but I may expand it to include screenshots from Linux too (sorry Mac, u no can haz tutorial). Step 1: Install Cisco AnyConnect and connect to UWEC’s VPN NOTE: The following should […]

Sphero Final Project – Travis Boettcher, Andy Hurd, Luke Mehring

Overview Our final project will allow users to control the Orbotix Sphero using pre-defined paths.  The application will also allow users to create their own paths which the Sphero will follow.  A final goal of the application would allow the user to string together paths and have the Sphero to follow the final composite path. […]

Nogramming :: Travis Boettcher

For my nogramming assignment, I decided to write a couple of tutorials explaining how to do a couple of things I’ve recently been using on my phone. The first will explain how to set up WiFi calling on an Android phone, and the second will briefly go over what I had to go through to […]

Persist :: Travis Boettcher

This was the worst assignment ever.  I’m tempted to leave my post mortem at that, but I really would like the credit for this.  I don’t know if I went about everything in exactly the wrong way or if I was just too ambitious, but this project took at least as long as the last […]

Web API :: Travis Boettcher

For my web API project I wanted to use Wolfram|Alpha’s extensive knowledge base to create some sort of useful app.  As I was perusing what the API could do, I came across a morse code encoder function and I knew I needed to go no further. My application allows the user to enter a word or words […]

U and I :: Travis Boettcher

For my U and I project, I wanted to do something that would be useful to me.  My first thought was to flesh out the 7 Wonders scoring app we had worked on in class, but there are already 7 Wonders scoring apps on Google Play (they’re just not very good).  Instead, I decided to […]

TODO :: Travis Boettcher

I read the syllabus!  But not before the sixth :(  Oh well! I signed up for this class with an idea in mind: by the end of it I wanted to be able to complete a project I had been contemplating for a while.  I use a program called GnuCash to keep track of all […]