TODO :: Travis Boettcher

I read the syllabus!  But not before the sixth :(  Oh well!

I signed up for this class with an idea in mind: by the end of it I wanted to be able to complete a project I had been contemplating for a while.  I use a program called GnuCash to keep track of all my personal finances, but it has no mobile or web-based components.  I am hoping with the knowledge I get from this class I will be better equipped (and motivated) to write a web service and be able to connect to that using a mobile application, allowing me to save transactions on the fly to my existing GnuCash file (I’m also hoping by that time I will be able to say if this is even feasible or not :P ).

Other programs I want to explore include:

  • A Japanese flash card program: I have a Japanese minor, but it has been several years already since I’ve studied and I don’t want to lose all that I have learned!
  • An inventory system front-end. I used to work in a furniture store and there was a serious lack of technology, so I pondered writing a program to do this.  It could be a simple interface for the phone (usable by both store staff and customers) – maybe take advantage of the camera to read a barcode, looking up inventory, price, ordering options.  A tablet interface though could be much more involved, including a searchable map of the store (for customers) and the warehouse (for staff).  The tablet could also be used to set up custom orders.  (This is a very ambitious goal, so mostly I would like to know the general concepts that would make up this program)
  • I don’t have any specific ideas, but I thought it would be fun to tinker around with some of the various APIs floating out there: Wolfram|Alpha; the many, many Google APIs; Wappwolf; etc.
  • Lastly, I want to create a score pad application for a board game I play called 7 Wonders.  There is one out there in the app store, but it’s not very good.  It basically needs to take in some input and output a score.  Pretty simple :)


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