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SpheroPaint :: Matthew + Landon

December 11, 2012 by . Filed under cs491 mobile, fall 2012, postmortems.

Our Sphero project will be a painting application for Android. It’s not exactly what you’d think….we’re not using the ball as a controller for the paintbrush, nor do you drag your finger around on the screen to paint and the Sphero just stupidly follows.

No, we are leveraging Augmented Reality on our application.

When you set Sphero down on the ground and launch the app, you’ll use the device’s camera to view Sphero and your surroundings. There are two controllers on the screen: a joystick to move, and a color palette to change the Sphero color.

Move Sphero around. Your device will remember where Sphero has been, and what color it was when it was there.

Now move your phone around.

Check out the cool painting your Sphero did while you were driving it around!


The major risks we will need to overcome is digging through the documentation to find some Augmented Reality API. We think that once we get a handle on AR, we’ll be in good shape.


We will be doing equal shares of coding for this project. Once the project is complete, we will exact results of who did what.