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CS 455 Lecture 2 – Game Loop and Three Classes

January 24, 2013 by . Filed under cs455, lectures, spring 2013.

Before class

Game Loop

Three Classes

In class

Our goal this class is to work out hiccups and for you to acclimatize to a new coding environment. Fret not if things go terribly.

  1. Grab the code0124.zip file in the class directory under W:\c s\CJohnson\cs455. (Henceforce this directory will be referred to as W455.)
  2. Follow the last few sections of Visual Studio, CMake, and OpenGL, from Building a Visual Studio Project on.
  3. Create a renderer with an orange background and a blue triangle that disappears while a mouse button is down. (Feel free to alter BaseRenderer, but in the future, it’d be wiser to create a subclass.)


All is triangles
Power, wisdom, and courage
Hyrule needs all three