CS 455 Lecture 2 – Game Loop and Three Classes

Before class

Game Loop

Three Classes

  • Watch http://youtu.be/daAC6BwwUBI.
  • Read pages 18-34 in the text. (Skim sections on GLEW and GLM. GLEW we’ll use, but GLM we won’t. A lot of the OpenGL shader compiling and linking code I’ve stuffed away into helper methods, which I’ll give you.)

In class

Our goal this class is to work out hiccups and for you to acclimatize to a new coding environment. Fret not if things go terribly.

  1. Grab the code0124.zip file in the class directory under W:\c s\CJohnson\cs455. (Henceforce this directory will be referred to as W455.)
  2. Follow the last few sections of Visual Studio, CMake, and OpenGL, from Building a Visual Studio Project on.
  3. Create a renderer with an orange background and a blue triangle that disappears while a mouse button is down. (Feel free to alter BaseRenderer, but in the future, it’d be wiser to create a subclass.)


All is triangles
Power, wisdom, and courage
Hyrule needs all three


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