Feature 1 Post Mortem

Loading a .obj mesh is a relatively straightforward task using the masterfully written code provided to us by Chris Johnson (Extra Credit?).  I decided to augment the ObjUtilities class to make it slightly more robust.  The utility can now handle comment lines or other odd lines throughout the file, as well as count the vertecies and faces for you.

For example, this file can now be read without issue:


Here is a snapshot of the models after they are loaded:

For a little bit more information on the updated ObjUtilities (or more dinosaur and flower action), watch the video below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNNFqZ0de40?feature=player_detailpage]

All I used for references were the videos posted by Chris Johnson.  The spectacular models and ObjUtilities code were all my handiwork.


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