CS 455 Lecture 14 – Mipmapping and UV Mapping

Before Class


UV Mapping

In Class

We haven’t talked much about Blender, so call upon me or Google if you’re not sure how to find your way around. In general, right-clicking selects and middle-dragging rotates your view.

  • Create or open an existing simple mesh in Blender.
  • Go into Edit Mode instead of Object Mode.
  • Open up the UV/Image Editor and create a new texture.
  • Map your faces to the texture.
  • In the 3-D editor, choose Texture Paint where from the mode menu. Paint away — on the 3-D surface!
  • Save the model and the texture to files.
  • Run the obj2obj translater on W455 to make the v lines correspond to the vt lines.
  • Read them in to a renderer and texture your model with mipmapping. (glGenerateMipmap is a good idea.)


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