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CS 330 Lecture 1 – Hi and Shell

January 22, 2014 by . Filed under cs330, lectures, spring 2014.


Define This

What is a program?


Who Are You?

Setting your shell

Probably your shell is set to bash on dplsubmit and the other CS servers. bash is prolific, making web searches fruitful when you need help. My personal favorite shell is zsh. Sadly, I cannot change my shell permanently on our university machines. Instead, I hijack my bash startup files and run zsh instead. To get zsh up and running, I added these lines to my $HOME/.bash_profile:

[ -f /bin/zsh ] && exec /bin/zsh -l
[ -f /usr/bin/zsh ] && exec /usr/bin/zsh -l




So universal
Computers run computers
Leave the base case on