CS 396 Lecture 4 – Interviewing


  • what ?s
  • Staci Heidtke on interviewing


  • Attend the career breakfast. 7:30 AM on Thursday. 3rd floor Davies. Find the registration table around the Centennial Room.
  • Vote in the speaker poll. A link was sent in your Blugold status report on Tuesday.
  • To give you some insight into the interviewer’s perspective, read Joel Spolsky’s The Guerilla Guide to Interviewing. Write a 1/4 sheet response.
  • Research ReconRobotics and its market. On a separate 1/4 sheet, compose two questions that you might ask the speaker next week. These questions will be turned in at the beginning of class.


on big people and big business:
Thousands of questions
They’re all asking the same thing
“Tell me a story”


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