teaching machines

Madeup Lock Core

I worked on creating the core to a lock that looks similar to a lock like this: I started by creating the outline of the face of the lock, then extruded that face. Then I created a cylinder around a portion of the core and found the difference of the two in order to get […]

Madeup Models

First I tried simply drawing a model by manually moving, attempting to recreate the Mirror’s Edge logo didn’t go well at all. Turns out I’m really bad at that.   So I decided to check out the rotate function next making a cake-like object   Next was creating a noodle-like object  with loops   I […]

Chain model

Followed this youtube tutorial and created a chain link model.

Gaussian Pox – breitc

After remembering the c++ header file syntax I worked on Image then incorporated it in Main.  Difficulties I ran into were my writePPM being very slow initially, but with help got it working and it was easy from there.  I stuck with the simplicity of normalization.