teaching machines

Sphero- Adam King and Jack Ferris

Drive or Die provides the user with a simple interface, containing a joystick for controlling Sphero movement, a health bar to show health remaining, a timer to show number of seconds survived, and a score that (is supposed to) go up based on amount of time survived and amount of health remaining.  The more health, […]

Mobile Web: Jack Ferris

The application I created is called EZQuestions.  The application is not that exciting.  There are questions with four possible answers (buttons in a control group) and the user is notified if the answer they selected is correct or incorrect.  This application has a dialog page, which welcomes the user to the app.  The application takes […]

Nogramming: Jack Ferris

For this assignment, I thought it would be interesting to go through the history of my cell phones (7 of them) from the very first one I received to my current one.  Cell phones have seen dramatic changes and improvements in our lifetime and I thought it would be cool to look at the ones […]

Persist: Jack Ferris

The application I created is called Jack’s Restaurant.  My application manages a menu for a restaurant.  The main menu allows the user to view the full menu and query the menu.  There is also an option to log in as an admin with the password “admin.”  Logging in as an admin allows for extra options […]

U and I: Jack Ferris

The application I created creates random addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems based off the user’s choice.  The application tells you if you were correct or incorrect with your answer and proceeds to the next problem.  The widgets I used were textview, edittext, button, spinner, and checkbox.  The application also has support for Spanish.  The […]

TODO: Jack Ferris

1.  An online casino app.  I’ve always enjoyed casino applications (specifically blackjack and roulette) and there aren’t many out there that support online play. 2.  A voice/sound manipulation app.  An example is the “Inception” app, which distorts sounds picked up from the microphone. 3.  An application that involves your music.  I don’t have a specific […]