Final Project – Reader-animated Storybook (first iteration)

This app is a first draft of a framework for the Reader-animated Storybooks research project I’m working on. I departed from the design document in that some of the features (like a voice-controlled menu screen) seemed irrelevant once I got down to building this. There are enough neat things to build into the final product […]

Final Project Design Document – voice-activated video player

For my final project, I’ll be building an incremental prototype that will be used for the Reader-animated storybooks research project I’m involved with. The big idea is to build a framework for multi-page animated storybooks where animation on each page is triggered by the user reading on-screen words. In the process, we will experiment with […]

Homework 3 – is a map-based demographics browsing tool. Using an API from, the application connects a user to data from the US Census Bureau’s 2009 American Community Survey, grouped at a census tract level. The name comes from an impulse-buy domain I registered sometime last year (a hobby I can’t seem to get enough of…). […]

Homework 2 – Zebrary book scanner

Zebrary is a simple book-cataloging application that uses the camera of a device and an open-source barcode image processing library called ZXing (pronounced “Zebra Crossing”).  The camera is to scan the barcode of a book, ZXing reads the ISBN number, and the Google Books API is used to gather bibliographic information about the volume, including […]

Homework 1 – FiftyStates with MapView

FiftyStates is a simple quiz application that asks “What’s the capital of ______?” again and again, in multiple-choice format. Users can change the number of questions in each round and toggle sound effects on and off via a PreferenceActivity. Additionally, users can view a “hint” map during play, and a “study” map after a round […]

CS 491: Homework 0 – Sir Sampleton

App Name: Sir Sampleton Developer: SOFTOFT TECHECH Available for iOS devices on the App Store for for $2.99. The Gist Sir Sampleton is an easy-to-use musical sampling keyboard application available for iOS devices. If you want to record your cat meowing and then play it back to the tune of “O Canada” over a lo-fi hip-hop beat, […]