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Feature 4- Spencer

Getting a skybox around my terrain proved a little more difficult than just following the video. For the most part that’s where the majority of the code came from, but I ran into a problem where for some reason I had to disable cull faces in order for the skybox to appear everywhere. Some code […]

Feature 3- Spencer

Getting lighting and specular highlights working wasn’t too difficult. I got all of the code for the shader from the video, and the rest was as simple as reading in an obj.   Some shader code Some reading in code And a video of it in action [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWehpoXo7Pc]

Feature 5- Spencer

Getting the camera working wasn’t too hard, as I just followed the video we were given in class. Getting it to adjust to the terrain’s elevation proved to be the tricky part. I looked at other people’s post mortems and online material about bilinear interpolation to figure out what to do. Fist I implemented two […]


For feature 2 I basically followed the diamond square algorithm given to us, with only a slight change to the code so that when the terrain was read in it was flat and being looked across, as opposed to above it and looking down on it. This just required a change to x and z coordinates, […]

Feature 1- Spencer

The first feature didn’t require much outside effort outside of the code that I already had for class. The only thing I added was the ability to parse an obj file for the faces and vertices, as opposed to having to count them by hand.   A little code   A little star   And […]