teaching machines

gutzmejr- Sceen

This is my scene that I generated, consisting of two planets and a wormhole thingy (which is two objects transformed to line up right). This was a combination of a few things we had done, so I just had to organize them and duplicate a few things. The hardest part was getting all of the […]

gutzmejr- Madeup models

This first model came from just messing around with the revolve function. That produced the very top part, and then I added the ledges just underneath. I figured it looked like a roof to a pagoda of sorts, so I added the legs and that was that!   Code: moveto 0, 0, 0 scale 0.3, […]

Magnets – gutzmejr

I first wanted to get a rectangle appearing on the screen, then duplicate it, add the poles and interaction, and finally add the flipping functionality. I ended up doing the last two steps the other way around, with adding color thrown in there somewhere. The biggest obstacles besides initially getting the rectangle to appear was […]

Gaussian Pox

I began by construction the Image class, and then moved on to writing the main and creating the loops and equations needed to generate the dots. The most difficult part for me in this assignment was wrapping¬†my head around storing the rgb values in a 1-d array. Once I figured that out, the rest was […]

Coffee cup thing