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Nogramming :: Andy Hurd

For my Nogramming assignment, I decided to do a comic about a little android program who is absolutely pumped about his field trip today.  Enjoy!   Also, before deciding on the artifact above, I drew this nokia brick commander leading his snake warriors into battle.

ThoughtBox (Mobile Web) – Andy Hurd

ThoughtBox is an app to log thoughts, perhaps otherwise known as a non-diary.  Okay, it’s more or less a diary/journal.  It allows for several users to use the app via a login that allows users to only navigate to their own entries.  At the login screen, the new users can be added and once logged […]

Scribble (U and I) – Andy Hurd

For the U and I lab, I decided to make a drawing app where you can either draw alone locally, or connect via Bluetooth to another device and draw with a friend.  As the “artists” draw, paths are redrawn in layers by pushing new paths onto the local and remote path lists and can be […]

Thesaurize (Web APIs) – Andy Hurd

Thesaurize uses the thesaurus api provided by words.bighugelabs.com to retrieve synonyms of a word the user enters in.  The retrieved JSON is split into synonyms based on language construct.  So, any word the user inputs may retrieve synonyms when the word is used as a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb.  Once retrieved, only matching language construct […]

SuperMunchkin (Persist) – Andy Hurd

Over the past few months, some friends and I have extensively played the card game Munchkin.  In Munchkin, players roam through a dungeon “kicking down doors” to reveal monsters, items, and curses while they accumulate levels and gear to help them defeat ever stronger monsters.  While a player’s current cards in play contain most of the relevant […]

TODO: Andy Hurd

I read the syllabus! Phone / Data Network Signal Mapper This app would take in GPS and connectivity data and map the observed hot spots and dead zones through which the user travels. Mileage and Speed Tracker This would mostly be an application for exercise that could track a walking, running, or biking route and […]