I OBJect to objects

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the title will have taken longer to come up with that the rest of this post…oh well. Since we want to run some nifty graphics demos on our raspberry pi’s/ raspberries pi (no sure how to pluralize this), we thought it would be […]

Raspbian ‘Install’ and Networking Fun — the Long Overdue Post

The Install Since James has already covered imaging the a SD card with Raspian from windows, I won’t go into my failed attempt at doing the same… Instead, I’ll do a quick walk through of the process from OS X. The process is fairly straight forward as I was following along to the Easy SD […]

Final Project – Dive Log – huttereg

For my final project I implemented a log book for SCUBA divers. Since a log book is essentially a really big form, I figured that would be no sweat. I’d already done a form and underlying database for the second app. Turns out when your form has about 30 fields instead of two, things become […]

Final Project – Design

For my final project I am hoping to implement a version of the recreational dive planner (RDP). For those not familiar with SCUBA diving, RDPs are three tables that are used to calculate the amount of time a recreational diver can safely spend at a particular depth. They look something like this: the ideal situation […]

Homework 3 – Seven Seas of Rhyme

Ok, first and foremost, the title is a pun a Queen song. Now that the most important piece of information is out of the way lets get to the app. For this assignment I hooked a simple GUI onto RhymeBrain.com‘s rhyming dictionary API. In addition to rhyming words, the API has two other functions: it […]

Weren’t Flashcards the First App?

So when I saw the first app I thought flashcards would be a really nice project to do. They’re visually simple and the end result would be really practical (my girlfriend manages to write around 1200 flashcards a semester, or 400 index cards cut into thirds). But as I thought about it, there wasn’t a […]

Assignment 1 Post Mortem

So for this assignment I took the dichotomous key idea Dr Johnson suggested in the write-up, and thought I’d make a flowchart. Actually I thought I’d make a very specific flowchart, that being the Tech Support Cheat Sheet from xkcd.com by Randall Munroe. For the layout of the flowchart I needed a text view and […]

CS 491 – Virtual Zippo Lighter Critique – Eric Hutter

  The app pictured above is “Virtual Zippo ® Lighter” by skyrockit (never appears capitalized on their website). skyrockit’s website is http://www.moderati.com/. The version of this app i futzed around with was the iOS version, though there is a version for android. The app is very much as one would expect from a virtual lighter, […]